LibTiePie  0.4.5
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 Auto resolution modes
 Bit numbers
 Generator burst modes
 Bit numbers
 Bit numbers
 Clock output types
 Bit numbers
 Clock sources
 Bit numbers
 Frequency modes
 Bit numbers
 Measure modes
 Bit numbers
 Signal types
 Bit numbers
 Signal type masks
 Trigger conditions
 Bit numbers
 Trigger holdoff
 Trigger input/output ID's
 Device Numbers
 Port Group ID's
 Device Sub Group ID's
 Function ID's
 Shift constants
 Trigger input ID's
 Trigger output ID's
 Trigger kinds
 Bit numbers
 Trigger time outs
 Trigger output events
 Bit numbers
 Trigger sources
 Product ID's
 TiePie device handles
 Device type
 Id kind
 Status return codes
 Connector types
 Raw data types
 DeviceID masks
 DeviceID bits
 bool8_t values
 LibTiePieTriState_t values
 Trigger input index values
 String length values
 LibraryFunctions to retrieve information from the library itself
 Device listFunctions to control the device list: open and close devices and retrieve device information
 Listed devicesFunctions to retrieve information from the listed devices
 EventsFunctions to set events that are triggered when the device list is changed
 DeviceFunctions to control devices
 CommonFunctions common to all devices, to setup and control devices
 OscilloscopeFunctions to setup and control oscilloscopes
 GeneratorThis section contains all functions to setup and control a generator
 I2C Host
 Helper functionsThis section contains functions to bypass certain limitations of programming/scripting languages
 Pointer arrayFunctions for making an array of pointers, useful for programming/scripting languages that can't handle pointers to pointers properly