LibTiePie  0.5
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments
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I2C Host


Functions to setup and control I2C hosts.

All I2C host related functions require an I2C host handle to identify the I2C host, see opening a device.

Some I2C addresses may be reserved for internal use in the instrument, these addresses can not be controlled via the I2C host routines. Use I2CIsInternalAddress() to check whether an address is used internally.


 Reading data
 Functions to read data from an I2C device.
 Writing data
 Functions to write data to an I2C device.
 Functions to control the I2C clock speed.


bool8_t I2CIsInternalAddress (TpDeviceHandle_t hDevice, uint16_t wAddress)
 Check whether an address is used internally. More...

Function Documentation

bool8_t I2CIsInternalAddress ( TpDeviceHandle_t  hDevice,
uint16_t  wAddress 

Check whether an address is used internally.

[in]hDeviceA device handle identifying the I2C host.
[in]wAddressAn I2C device address.
BOOL8_TRUE if the address is used internally, BOOL8_FALSE otherwise.
Status values
INVALID_HANDLE The handle is not a valid I2C host handle.
DEVICE_GONE The device indicated by the device handle is no longer available.
LIBRARY_NOT_INITIALIZEDThe library is not initialized, see LibInit().
SUCCESS The function executed successfully.