LibTiePie  0.4.3
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments
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|oAuto resolution modes
||oBit numbers
|oGenerator burst modes
||oBit numbers
||oBit numbers
|oClock output types
||\Bit numbers
|oClock sources
||\Bit numbers
|oFrequency modes
||oBit numbers
|oMeasure modes
||\Bit numbers
|oSignal types
||oBit numbers
||\Signal type masks
|oTrigger conditions
||oBit numbers
|oTrigger holdoff
|oTrigger kinds
||oBit numbers
|oTrigger time outs
|oTrigger output events
||oBit numbers
|oTrigger sources
|oProduct ID's
|oTiePie device handles
|oDevice type
|oId kind
|oStatus return codes
|oConnector types
|oRaw data types
||oDeviceID masks
||\DeviceID bits
|obool8_t values
|\LibTiePieTriState_t values
|oDevice list
||oCombined instrument
||\TriggerThis section contains all device trigger related functions
||oDataThis section contains all data retrieving related functions
||oMeasurementsThis section contains all measurements related functions
||oResolutionThis section contains all resolution related functions
||oTimebaseThis section contains all time base related functions
||oTrigger systemThis section contains (mostly deprecated!) trigger related functions
||\Connection test
||oSignal type
||oReading data
||oWriting data
|\HelperThis section contains functions to bypass certain limitations of programming/scripting languages
| \Pointer arrayFunctions for making an array of pointers, useful for programming/scripting languages that can't handle pointers to pointers properly