libtiepie-hw  1.1.13
tiepie_hw_version Struct Reference

Structure with library version info. More...

#include <libtiepie-hw.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t major
 Major version number. More...
uint16_t minor
 Minor version number. More...
uint16_t patch
 Patch level. More...
uint16_t build
 Build number. More...
const char * extra
 Additional version text. More...

Detailed Description

Structure with library version info.

Field Documentation

◆ major

uint16_t tiepie_hw_version::major

Major version number.

◆ minor

uint16_t tiepie_hw_version::minor

Minor version number.

◆ patch

uint16_t tiepie_hw_version::patch

Patch level.

◆ build

uint16_t tiepie_hw_version::build

Build number.

◆ extra

const char* tiepie_hw_version::extra

Additional version text.