LibTiePie  0.9.16
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments



 Device type
 Id kind
 Status return codes
 Connector types
 Raw data types
 bool8_t values
 LibTiePieTriState_t values
 Trigger input index values
 String length values
 Server status
 Server error codes
 Helper functions values
 Auto resolution modes
 Clock output types
 Clock sources
 Frequency modes
 Generator modes
 Generator status flags
 Flags to indicate the signal generation status of a generator.
 Measure modes
 Signal types
 Trigger conditions
 Trigger holdoff
 Trigger input/output ID's
 Trigger kinds
 Trigger level modes
 Trigger time outs
 Trigger output events
 Product ID's
 Event ID's
 Event IDs for events that can be used by LibTiePie to notify the calling application of changes with the instrument.