LibTiePie  0.9.16
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments
LibTiePie Documentation


The LibTiePie library is a library for using TiePie engineering USB instruments through third party software.

Supported instruments

Library structure

LibTiePie maintains a Device list, containing all available supported devices. Possible devices are oscilloscopes, generators and I2C hosts. Instruments can contain multiple devices, e.g. the Handyscope HS5 contains an oscilloscope, a generator and an I2C host.

Devices can contain sub devices. E.g. devices contain trigger systems, oscilloscopes contain channels, channels contain channel trigger systems.

The LibTiePie library contains functions to control all aspects of the device list and the (sub) devices.

LibTiePie function name prefixes

All functions are prefixed, so it is easily determined where the function can be used for.

Prefix Description
Lib Common Library related functions
Lst Device list related functions
LstDev Listed devices related functions
LstCbDev Listed combined devices related functions
Net Network related functions
Obj Common object related functions
Dev Common device related functions
DevTrIn Device trigger input related functions
DevTrOut Device trigger output related functions
Scp Oscilloscope related functions
ScpCh Oscilloscope channel related functions
ScpChTr Oscilloscope channel trigger related functions
Gen Generator related functions
I2C I2C Host related functions
Srv Server related functions
Hlp Helper functions for bypassing limitations of some programming languages

Using LibTiePie

When using LibTiePie, to control instruments and perform measurements, the following steps are required:

Error handling

On each function call a status flag is set, use LibGetLastStatus() to read the status flag. See also Status return codes.