LibTiePie  0.4.2
Library for interfacing TiePie engineering instruments
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LibTiePie Documentation


The LibTiePie library is a library for using TiePie engineering USB instruments through third party software.

The LibTiePie library contains a lot of different functions. All functions are prefixed, so it is easily determined where the function can be used for.

LibTiePie function name prefixes:

  • Lib: Common library related functions.
  • Lst: Device list related functions.
  • Dev: Device related functions.
  • DevTrIn: Device trigger input related functions.
  • DevTrOut: Device trigger output related functions.
  • Scp: Oscilloscope related functions.
  • ScpCh: Oscilloscope channel related functions.
  • ScpChTr: Oscilloscope channel trigger related functions.
  • Gen: Generator related functions.
  • I2C: I2C bus related functions.
  • Hlp: Helper functions for bypassing limitations of some programming languages.

Supported instruments

Error handling

On each function call a status flag is set, use LibGetLastStatus() to read the status flag. See also Status return codes.